How companies can innovate, scale and win.

This book describes a battle-tested methodology with a framework, a canvas, 8 models and 12 tools, to start building your own 10X Growth Machine.

Grow or die! If leaders don’t think bold, companies will not grow! If leaders are not willing to do things differently, innovation is an illusion. How to achieve long term growth in a highly competitive world?

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8 lessons learned about corporate venture building (video)

In this video I'll be taking you through 8 lessons learned about corporate venture building.

The 10X Growth Machine OS

How to create new growth from non-incremental innovation by building systematically new businesses from idea to scale and using the unfair advantages an established company has

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"Definitely recommended for reading and as a guide to aspiring corporate innovators!"

Aniruddha Kusurkar

Global Commercial Director, Friesland Campina