Evaluation of the Growth Machine

If a company wants to develop the 10X Growth Machine, where do you start? From a change management perspective introducing the change with a big bang blueprint approach does not work. We need to work more chirurgical. Chapter 7 of the book describes a change management approach of development a minimal version of your 10X Growth Machine. The essence is to start small, learn how this approach works within your unique corporate context, create first successes and build from there. Work first in stealth mode, because the required change can be characterized as a third order change. A change that affects the DNA of the organization, it’s rituals and ways of working. It is unrealistic to expect that the organization will be embracing this change from the start, with the acknowledgement that not the whole organization needs to change. The 10X Growth Machine is a separate entity, but to leverage the assets and resources a corporate has, the leadership on different layers need to cooperate. When you start this journey to excellence this  tool provides some key metrics and measurables which gives you a good indication if the transformation gets implemented.  

This tool is connected with the ‘innovation capability assessment’ which needs to be used to understand which variables and playing fields we need to work in your organization to start developing the ‘Minimal Viable Growth Machine’. 

Some measurements are based on Eric Ries book  ‘The Startup Way’.

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Evaluation of the Growth Machine


"Definitely recommended for reading and as a guide to aspiring corporate innovators!"

Aniruddha Kusurkar

Global Commercial Director, Friesland Campina