Growth Machine Canvas

This canvas provides in a visual way all the building blocks to develop the 10X Growth Machine. Use this tool in leadership sessions to spark strategic discussions around the building blocks. The left side of the canvas is about innovation strategy and ambitions, where you need to start with. The right side of the canvas is about how to organize ourselves to achieve our ambitions. 

In chapter 2 of the book, I explain the 10X Growth Machine operating system and there you will also find a complete set of questions for each building block. Use this tool after you have finished the ‘innovation capability assessment’, which focuses more on the right side of the canvas. The tool ‘the organization of the corporate entrepreneurship function’ is more related to the ambitions and boundaries of innovation, which is a bridge between the two sides of the canvasses. Use these tools first to create more specific discussions around the building blocks related to the corporate environment in which the leadership team works.

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Growth Machine Canvas


"Definitely recommended for reading and as a guide to aspiring corporate innovators!"

Aniruddha Kusurkar

Global Commercial Director, Friesland Campina