“Say Yes, to innovation rules and policies” request

Most impediments for innovation arises on a tactical level. To enable rapid prototyping and fast learning in the market, existing legal and IT policies will be most of the time a blocker. If we want to change this around we need to create bottom-up a second set of rules and policies that enable rapid prototyping in the market. Corporate startup teams can use this form to create a new policy or rule. To create an effective decision-making process, the legal, IT or HR officer needs to respond in two days and the standard answer should be ‘yes’. If this is not the case this should be explained to the venture board where senior leaders make the final decision. 

This form is based on the work by Steve Blank.

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“Say Yes, to innovation rules and policies” request


"Definitely recommended for reading and as a guide to aspiring corporate innovators!"

Aniruddha Kusurkar

Global Commercial Director, Friesland Campina