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Guide to determine ‘Growth Opportunity Areas'

No clear idea around the growth areas for your company?
Follow these steps and determine five to ten high - potential opportunity areas.

Innovation director’ Is your CEO onboard

For innovation, that goes beyond the core, to succeed the CEO of the company should be fully supportive.

Disruption Analysis

Checklist to identify disruption risk in your industry.

Corporate Startup Maturity - Metered Funding

Startups should be funded based on the progress they are making and not because they make great slides, are friends with the CEO or any other irrational reason. This tool provides four clear phases and 12 steps for corporate investors to determine hardcore progress of their corporate startup teams in the market.

Startup Maturity Level

This tool is a thermometer to measure the progress of corporate startup teams in a transparent way.

Growth Machine Canvas

This canvas provides all the building blocks you need to work on to develop the 10X Growth Machine.

Innovation capability assessment

This capability assessment provides clear benchmark and focus points for developing the 10X Growth Machine.

Determine the organization of the corporate entrepreneurship function

This tool helps define precisely what the goals and boundaries are of corporate entrepreneurship. Based on the results we can determine the governance system.

“Say Yes, to innovation rules and policies”

To innovate fast, we need to stretch the existing rules around legal and for example IT matters. This tool creates a pragmatic approach to start creating a second set of rules for innovation.

Growth machine canvas Trigger questions

Want to start working with the Growth Machine Canvas? Use these trigger questions to spark the conversation

Growth Machine Portfolio tool

Tool that visualizes the progress the (corporate) startup teams are making in relation to the type of innovation business they are building.

Evaluate the quality of the strategic planning process

This tool provides basic questions to spark the discussion in the leadership team around the strategic competence. Use this tool to benchmark the situation ‘as -is’ before having discussions around the future of the industry and business.

"Definitely recommended for reading and as a guide to aspiring corporate innovators!"

Aniruddha Kusurkar

Global Commercial Director, Friesland Campina